Preparing Your Heater for Fall in Utah

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Preparing your heater for fall in Utah

As the days get shorter and fall comes back around again, it makes sense to think about your heater. Your heater, or furnace, is what’s going to keep your home nice and cozy this fall and winter. Preparing your heater for fall in Utah isn’t too difficult, but it does require taking a few steps. Here they are.

Preparing Your Heater for Fall in Utah – How-To

1. Change your furnace filter.

If you read many of our blogs, you probably have noticed that we are like a broken record about filters. But if you saw as many dirty filters as we did, you’d understand why we harp on it. Busy homeowners often forget about replacing their HVAC filters and their furnaces suffer for it. It’s easy to do and can make a big difference in the performance of your HVAC system.

2. Clear debris from your external HVAC components.

Your furnace has to pull air from outside to heat up and push throughout your house. If the outside vents are clogged with plants and other debris, it’s going to make it much harder to heat your home. Fortunately, it’s a simple thing to walk around your home’s exterior and clear away any debris from the vents.

3. Dust your vents.

All the vents throughout your house attract and collect dust. It’s just a part of life. But you don’t want to blow that dust throughout the home again and breathe it in. That’s why it’s worthwhile to dust your vents and clean them periodically. If they are really dirty you might consider having them professionally cleaned.

4. Get a tune-up from your HVAC pros.

We recommend calling us out about twice a year to tune-up your HVAC system. There are multiple reasons for our recommendation. HVAC systems and furnaces are machines and they need regular maintenance to function at their peak. We can make sure that everything is in working order. Our pros can also tell you if your furnace is likely to break this winter so you can get ahead of it and avoid a freezing home.

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We are big proponents of preventative furnace and HVAC maintenance. That’s because we know that it can help you save money and improve the performance of your expensive systems. To make it easier to get regular maintenance, we have a club you can join and get discounted tune-ups. We even call you to help you remember to schedule your tune-ups.

Please give us a call at (801) 243-0191 or fill out our free online contact form to speak to a team member. Let us help you ensure that your furnace is always working as well as possible for you and your family.