Tips to Fix a Broken Air Conditioner

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Learn tips to fix a broken air conditioner.

It happens to many homeowners – one minute you are enjoying a comfortable temperature in your home, the next you are sweltering. If your air conditioner has stopped cooling your home, you obviously have a problem. Is there anything you can do about it? Here are some tips to fix a broken air conditioner.

Your A/C Team – Tips to Fix a Broken Air Conditioner

1. Check the air filter.

Every list of tips to fix a broken air conditioner should start with this one. An air filter has to get really dirty for it to stop your A/C from cooling your home – but it can happen. The air filter is the most obvious, easy to fix problem you could have. Check the filter and see if it’s clogged and dirty. If it is, install a new one and see if it helps.

2. Make sure the registers are clear and clean.

You might be surprised how often homeowners discover that one or more registers are blocked. The kids may have left toys covering the vents. They may be clogged with dirt and hair from pets and daily life. Or, you might have moved some furniture around and forgotten that you covered one or more registers.

3. Clear the area around the compressor.

The compressor outside your home needs to pull air into it – which means that it needs to be clear of obstructions. Sometimes, plants can grow up around the compressor and block airflow. It’s also possible that someone put something on the compressor without realizing it would inhibit airflow.

Compressors need quite a big of cleared space around them. There should be two to three feet of space around all sides of the compressor and at least five feet cleared above the compressor.

4. Check your thermostat setting.

This may not seem too obvious to be on a list of tips to fix a broken air conditioner. However, it is something we have to mention because it’s important. Thermostat settings can be different than you expect them to be. If your home is too hot, it’s possible that the thermostat isn’t set low enough. We know, you probably already check this, but we have to point it out anyway.

5. Get a regular tune-up.

Air conditioners need attention from professionals annually to stay in good working order. Our service technicians can identify potential problems, provide routine maintenance, and make sure your A/C is in great shape year-round.

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