How Often Does My A/C Need Servicing?

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AC Repair Bountiful, Utah

To keep your air conditioner running well, it’s important to service it at least once a year. We recommend servicing in spring because it prepares your system for the high demand of summer. There are multiple reasons to have a professional clean up and look over your A/C which we will cover below. 

Note: It’s important to change your air filter every month or two to ensure the proper operation of your air conditioner. Annual service calls are in addition to regular filter changes. 

How Often to Service An Air Conditioner

Utah is a beautiful place, but it can certainly have some intense weather extremes. Freezing cold in winter and cooking hot in summer. When the summer heat does pick up, it only makes sense to turn the thermostat down and get your air conditioner going. But if you haven’t serviced your system regularly, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Your A/C could break down and leave you sweating. 

At Perform Heating & Cooling, we recommend calling us and scheduling a service call each spring. Why? Because multiple problems can occur if you don’t service your unit. These include:

1. Air conditioner coils get dirty and stop working. 

The technology behind air conditioners is pretty amazing – but it’s also sensitive. The coils need to be clean to operate effectively. The dirtier they become, the less efficiently the unit operates – which means you get less cooling power and burn more energy. Eventually, dirty coils can cause the system to fail. 

Even if you change your air filter every month, your coils are going to get dirty. Regular maintenance keeps your A/C coils clean, which is important for efficiency and long-term operation. 

2. Condensate pumps fill up with sludge. 

During normal operation – even with regular filter changes – different components can still become dirty and clogged. The condensate pump on your unit will slowly accumulate sludge over time which can inhibit the proper operation of the unit. 

A service technician will clean out your condensate pump as part of the annual service call. 

3. Visual inspections can identify problems early on. 

There are numerous parts to an air conditioner, each of which needs to be in its right place, clean, and maintained. A service technician will visually inspect all of these parts to verify they are where they need to be and clean. For example, kids and pets can accidentally bend parts that will damage the unit over time. A visual inspection ensures that such issues are dealt with sooner rather than later. 

Make A/C Maintenance Easy – Sign Up for a Club Maintenance Membership!

At Perform Heating & Cooling here in Bountiful, we make routine maintenance easy for our customers in Davis County and Salt Lake City. We offer club membership that keeps your unit well-maintained. Once you join, we proactively reach out to you and schedule maintenance when needed. Membership includes two seasonal tune-ups each year for your HVAC system. You can even sign up for our automatic filter mailing program so you never forget to change the filter. 

Join club maintenance now to protect your air conditioner and to spread out your maintenance costs throughout the year. And if you have questions about your air conditioner, give us a call at (801) 243-0191 or fill out our secure online contact form