Is Regular Furnace and AC Maintenance Necessary?

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Depending on the age of your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, it can be tempting to put off maintenance as long as possible. If your system is new, it’s bound to run well for a while before it needs servicing. And if it’s older, you may just want to run it till it dies and then get a new one. As Utah HVAC maintenance professionals, we can tell you that regular HVAC maintenance is more necessary than you might realize. Whatever the age or condition of your system, regular maintenance can save you money and headaches.

Every Utah Homeowner Should Consider Regular HVAC Maintenance

We know every Utah homeowner is in a unique situation. Some have brand new HVAC systems. Others have ancient systems that are on their last legs. And still others are somewhere in between. Regardless, we believe that regular HVAC system maintenance is necessary. Here’s why:

New HVAC systems are more efficient if properly maintained. 

One of the big appeals of new HVAC systems is their efficiency. They can keep your home at a comfortable temperature using less energy – and costing you less in energy bills. But it’s important to understand that these newer systems are capable of more efficiency when you maintain them properly. If you let things go, your efficiency is going to start dropping. 

Older HVAC systems will run longer if properly maintained. 

The reason you haven’t already purchased a new HVAC system is probably that you don’t want to avoid unnecessary expenses. You are probably hoping your old system will keep working as long as possible. We can tell you that if you want to extend the life of your system, you need regular maintenance. Without that maintenance, your HVAC system is likely to fail sooner rather than later. 

Regular HVAC maintenance helps you avoid unpleasant surprises – like days without heat or cooling. 

A lot of homeowners just assume that if their HVAC system breaks they can get help fixing it right away. Unfortunately, that is often not true. There are many times where we get service calls that we cannot fulfill until we finish our current obligations. It could be several days or even longer before you can get help with your broken HVAC system. That’s several days without heat or without cooling.

If we provide regular maintenance for your system, we can help you better predict when it’s likely to fail. You can get ahead of the problem before it surprises you. 

Let Us Help You Maintain Your HVAC System

Our Bountiful HVAC service team can help you maintain your system at a low cost by joining our Club Membership Maintenance program . Let us show you how great it can be to have regular maintenance and the peace of mind it brings. If you need HVAC maintenance in Kaysville, Farmington, Salt Lake, or anywhere in between, please contact us. 

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